Welcome to the world of Petratex Green business!


Our daily work activities can have a negative impact on the environment, such as air and water pollution, waste disposal or the overuse of natural resources, among others.


At the same time, we depend on the environment to gain access to the means of production such as soil, energy and water.


We offer products and services that are explicitly “green”, most often based on technological innovations.


Greening” has imposed itself on Petratex, on the one hand as a necessity to help the planet, and on the other hand, as a necessity to manage our business sustainably and successfully.




We are engaged in the collection and treatment of waste with a view to recycling, composting and disposing of it, using methods that are as ecological as possible. We include in our day-to-day thinking, to: reduce, reuse and recycle.


We use 100% CERTIFIED GREEN ENERGY from renewable sources, using energy from water, the sun, wind and organic sources.


We use solar panels to produce electricity instead of producing it from non-renewable sources.





  • We use equipment with low carbon dioxide emissions.
  • We use biodegradable materials (print 3D).
  • We reduce the dispersion of polluting products in the environment by ecological measures such as air or water filtration.
  • Calculation of emissions in production: we are able to measure energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions from our direct operations, which allows us to calculate energy consumption and CO2 emissions per piece produced, in real time.








The chemicals used in our printing processes, fully comply with the Reach regulation, and have various certifications such as GOTS, Bluesign, ect…


In this way we are respecting the environment, and taking care of the people who intervene in the productive chair as well as the final consumers of our product.





Access to markets – not only because customers increasingly demand products that respect the environment through ecological awareness, but also for health-related reasons (better safety of non-toxic products) or for financial reasons (lower operating cost).


Cost savings, as water, energy and other bills go down resources are used more efficiently.


Access to support, financial and non-financial, since governments are giving increased importance to environmental considerations.


Improved productivity due to a healthier workforce whose ability to work is not compromised by health risks such as toxins in the workplace.






We provide workplace safety with freedom of expression and equal opportunity.


Our canteen only uses organic food from Local Suppliers.


Our green spaces and our animals enjoy full freedom of movement (peacocks, swans, frogs, fish…), enjoy the comfort and the protection of the eco-system.








The World Standard for Organic Textiles (GOTS) defines high environmental standards throughout the production chain and also requires compliance with all social criteria.




We are in the process of certification to ISO 14001 – Environmental Management System, to ISO 9001 – Quality Management System and also, to ISO 13485 Medical devices – Quality management systems.