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PETRATEX – CONFECÇÕES, SA, a for-profit legal entity, in the form of a public limited company, registered at the Commercial Registry Office under 502170344, with headquarters at Rua de Bande, Paços de Ferreira, and with a share capital of 3,550,000.00 Euros, hereinafter referred to as “PETRATEX”, the entity responsible for the supply and online sale of clothing, apparel and personal protective equipment, as well as for the respective Complaints Book in electronic format, is serious about the privacy and protection of data registered by its users.


PETRATEX ensures that the contracts celebrated online with users and the Complaints Book in electronic format guarantee the privacy and security of the data provided by users for the various products available, with only the data necessary for the processing of requests or orders being collected, in accordance with the explicit instructions on the platform and the user’s options.


The present Privacy and Personal Data Protection Policy applies generally to the collection and processing of personal data provided by users who access this website, namely, data collected through forms, documents or other means intended to enable contact with PETRATEX, as well as to the exercise of rights, by the user, relative to this data, under the terms of the applicable legislation.


This Policy is of a general nature. Therefore, the information provided in it can be supplemented or removed, totally or partially, by other policies, notifications or more specific information, which may have been or may be made available in the context of certain types of personal data processing.


PETRATX, whose contact details are indicated above, is the entity responsible for the processing of the personal data provided by the respective owner when filling out forms on this website, as well as the other personal data that may have or may be provided through any other medium, directly or by others, or which has been generated by PETRATEX, either in the context of previous contacts or in the celebration, execution, renewal or termination of purchase and sale contracts, or which resulted from these and involves the site user, hereinafter referred to as “Personal Data”.


The provision, to PETRATEX, of the Personal Data collected in the scope of pre-contractual diligences or in the contracting process, in addition to the cases in which it corresponds to the information necessary to fulfil PETRATEX’s legal obligations, constitutes a necessary requirement for pre-contractual diligences, as well as for the celebration of contracts for the purchase and sale of products promoted by PETRATEX and their execution. Therefore, if they are not provided to PETRATEX, the contract cannot be accepted by PETRATEX.


Personal Data shall be processed by PETRATEX, the entity responsible for processing the data, for the purposes listed above, in strict compliance with what has been established in the legislation in effect regarding personal data protection.



The personal data collected by PETRATEX is based on and is intended for the management of the contractual relationship, the preparation and execution of contracts celebrated with Clients/Users, the suitability of products to the needs and interests of the Client/User, namely for access to specific features of the products marketed by PETRATEX, content suggestions, information services in the vicinity (namely, open pharmacies, services in the area, etc.), information activities and marketing.


In addition, personal data may also be processed for the purpose of complying with legal obligations and for the purpose of investigating, detecting and prosecuting serious crimes.


Without prejudice to the additional information provided when collecting the data, PETRATEX may also, provided that it is legally permissible, use the personal data provided by the owner for other purposes, such as for the purposes of social intervention activities, sending complaints and suggestions, dissemination of corporate information and/or marketing campaigns, promotions, advertising and news about PETRATEX products, as well as for the carrying out of market studies or evaluation surveys.



The PETRATEX Complaints Book platform can also be visited without having to reveal any personal information. There are, however, areas of the platform where we need users to provide their personal data in order to take advantage of the services available there (registering a complaint, request for information and consultation of complaint). Thus, it is necessary to provide personal data, in accordance with the provisions of Law-Decree No 74/2017 of 21st September, and Ordinance No 201-A/2017 of 30th June and in compliance of subparagraph c) of Article 6 of the General Data Protection Regulation.


The collection of user identification data shall be carried out by filling out an online form and shall take place in accordance with the strictest security regulations.


For the purposes of handling requests, the Platform may direct complaints to goods suppliers (if it is not PETRATEX – CONFECÇÕES itself) and, if applicable, to competent regulatory or market control entities by sector (in this case, Autoridade de Segurança Alimentar e Económica – ASAE – Food and Economic Security Authority) and requests for information for the latter.


PETRATEX is responsible for the processing of personal data, as well as competent regulatory or market control entities by sector;


In accordance with Ordinance No 201-A/2017 of 30th June, the personal data contained in the complaint shall be stored for a period of three years, unless a longer period is established by law.


The other personal data not related to complaints made in the electronic Complaints Book are kept by PETRATEX for the period necessary for the processing, in accordance with the respective purpose.


Data owners have the right to access, rectify, object, delete or limit their personal data in accordance with the terms of the General Data Protection Regulation. The exercise of these rights can be requested through the following email address: _____



PETRATEX’s objective is to guarantee the quality and integrity of the information provided by users on the platform, having implemented the necessary measures, both at a technological and organisational level, in order to keep the information safe, accurate, updated and complete.


In areas where users’ personal data is collected, its transmission is encrypted, using appropriate security protocols for the service.

If PETRATEX changes its privacy practices, they shall always be available at this location.



In the telephone contact established between the data owner and PETRATEX, within the scope of its activity, PETRATEX may record calls, by previously informing the data owner and after having obtained their consent, for the management of the pre-contractual and contractual relationship, namely, as a means of proof of information or instructions transmitted, as well as for the improvement of the services offered or contracted and their quality control.


The phone call recordings shall be kept for the periods established in the resolutions of the National Data Protection Commission, which define the principles applicable to the processing of recorded call data, namely, Resolution 1039/2017.



PETRATEX, within the scope of its activity, may use third parties to supply raw materials, components, or to manufacture all or part of the products it sells. Sometimes, the commercial relationship between PETRATEX and these entities implies access, by these entities, to the personal data of Clients/Users. When this happens, PETRATEX takes the appropriate measures to ensure that the entities, who have access to the data, are reputed and offer the highest guarantees at this level, which is duly contractually established and safeguarded between PETRATEX and the third party(ies).


Thus, any entity subcontracted by PETRATEX shall process the personal data of our Clients/Users, for and on behalf of PETRATEX, and undertakes to adopt the necessary technical and organisational measures to protect personal data against destruction, be it accidental or intentional, accidental loss, alteration, diffusion or unauthorised access and against any other form of unlawful treatment.


In any case, PETRATEX remains responsible for the personal data made available to it.



PETRATEX may collect information regarding the holder that is relevant for assessing the risk in contracting and for setting the contract´s conditions, from publicly availale sources, public bodies, associations or specialized companies to complement or confirm the information provided by the holder, within the scope or the management of the pré-contractual and contractual relationship.



For the purposes of the described aims and in compliance of the legal obligation, Personal Data may be transferred to judicial, administrative, supervisory or regularity authorities, and also, to entities, namely of an association type, taht legally frame or carry out actions of compilation data, actions to prevent and combat fraud, market studies, statistical or technical studies.




PETRATEX guarantees its users the rights to access their personal data; rectification, erasure, treatment limitation, portability, opposition or revocation of consent and complaint, without prejudice to submitting a complaint to the National Data Protection Commission, the public authority that oversees the application of legislation in Portugal




Clients or users can exercise their rights through in-person or telephone contact with PETRATEX. The exercise of rights can also, and most importantly, be requested through the following email address:




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The present Privacy and Security Policy may be changed periodically, with the changes published on the PETRATEX website, without the prior and express consent of the data owner.


Any significant changes shall be communicated with the degree of publicity corresponding to their relevance, either by highlighting the online publication, or, if the relevance justifies it, by means of individual notification the data owners.