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This section includes information about our website access conditions  and use, besides  another conditions preview  in current legislation.


The website www.hospprotect.com is owned by PETRATEX CONFECÇÕES SA, with capital of 3,550,000.00 euros, registered in the commercial register of companies in Paços de Ferreira, under the number 502 170 344, and with legal headquarters located at Rua de Bande, 429, Carvalhosa, 4590-049 Paços de Ferreira, Portugal.
Nr Intra-Community VAT: PT 502 170 344



For the purposes of these general contractual conditions for online sale of PETRATEX, the following definitions apply:


  • «Property», any tangible movable thing, with the exception of goods sold in an executive process or any other form of sale promoted by an execution agent or liquidator;
  • “Well produced according to the consumer’s specifications”, the thing that is not prefabricated is produced based on an individual choice or a consumer decision;
  • «Consumer», a natural person who acts for purposes that do not fall within the scope of his commercial, industrial, cra ft or professional activity;
  • «Digital content», means data produced and provided in digital format, namely computer programs and applications, games, music, videos or texts, regardless of whether access to them is done by downloading or streaming, from a material medium or from any other means;
  • «ancillary contract» means a contract under which the consumer purchases goods or services under a distance contract or a contract concluded outside the commercial establishment, when the goods or services are provided by the trader or a third party on the basis of an agreement between that third party and the professional;
  • “Distance contract” / “Contract concluded online” means a contract concluded between the consumer and the supplier of goods or the service provider without the simultaneous physical presence of both, and integrated into a system of sale or provision of services organized for distance trading through the exclusive use of one or more remote communication techniques until the conclusion of the contract, including the conclusion itself;
  • «Commercial establishment», any immovable retail premises, where the goods supplier or service provider permanently carries out its activity, or any mobile retail premises where the goods supplier or service provider carries out activities in the usual way;
  • «Supplier of goods or service provider» means a natural or legal person, public or private, who, in a contract with a consumer, acts in the context of his professional activity, or through another professional, who acts on his behalf or in his behalf;
  • «Communication technician operator», any natural or legal person, public or private, whose professional activity is to provide suppliers with one or more remote communication techniques;
  • «Durable support» means any instrument, namely – paper, the Universal Serial Bus (USB) key, Compact Disc Read-Only Memory (CD-ROM), Digital Versatile Disc (DVD), memory cards or computer’s hard disk, which allows the consumer or the supplier of goods or service provider to store information that is personally addressed to them, and, later, to access them for the appropriate time for the purpose of the information, and that allows the respective reproduction unchanged;
  • «Distance communication technique», any means that, without the physical and simultaneous presence of the goods supplier or service provider and the consumer, can be used with a view to concluding the contract between the said parties.



In contracts in which PETRATEX sends the goods to the consumer, the risk of loss or damage to the goods is transferred to the consumer when he or a third party indicated by him, other than the carrier, acquires physical possession of the goods.
If the consumer entrusts the transport to a person other than that proposed by the supplier of goods, the risk is transferred to the consumer with the delivery of the goods to the carrier.



Products sold at a distance by PETRATEX are guaranteed by law. The warranty period for products sold at a distance by PETRATEX is two years, counting from the delivery of the product; however, this warranty is not valid with respect to defects or non-conformities caused by consumer negligence, bumps, falls, misuse or improper handling, improper tension, incorrect installations or materials that are worn out by use.
This guarantee is offered both by PETRATEX and by the persons or entities that it subcontracts and, when applicable, by the authorized distributors of the product.
The guarantee offered by PETRATEX cannot be claimed by the consumer in the following circumstances:

  • Products with blows and / or improperly transported;
  • Bad handling of any identification / control seal or label;
  • Normal wear of the product by use.



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